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       Our discussion begins with America’s most notorious foray into mass and transparent enslavement of black persons (circa 1619-1865).  This will include the examination of the compound challenges of the unchained (freed) slave in addition to the hushed “We Too” experience which was often an open secret except to the other survivor, the emotionally aggrieved missus of the plantation. Purchased black female persons were routinely subjected to Massa’s customary debauchery that he confidently discharged with impunity.

To our dismay, there is a resurgence of slavery that is recast into other deviant forms.  This reconfiguration often manifests as the aberrant victimization of the least of these, our children. This insidious offense can operate like an underground maze. As such, oftentimes it is untraceable or undetectable for prolonged periods, or God forbid, it exists on a continuum. We pray that in spite of its intricate network, it will soon be methodically and completely decimated at the root.

Enter the ROAR of the “Me Too” co-ed army. The once silenced sound of many crescendos as it arises from a wilderness place. The combined female and male voices are giving notice that they are subduing the enemy of silence, reclaiming their sacred gift, and refusing re-enslavement. They declare that America is NO COUNTRY for Massas. While the survivors represent multiple demographics, the Massa spirit originates from the same damnable place.

Can we acknowledge that everyone IS high value? No one arrives as a disposable commodity.  Each person is an irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind Masterpiece!  Issues of life, however, bombard each of us irrespective of our station in life. While the particulars may be individually unique, enslavement is non- discriminatory. Given the right unfortified environment, any of us can succumb to one or more forms of captivity. Just as physical death is a surety, some flavor of brewed trouble is served to each of us indiscriminately. Commitment to being vigilant in safeguarding ourselves and each other is paramount. We must live Freed UP!




Angela Davis-Carter