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My name is Angela Davis-Carter. Before you ask, “I am The Angela Davis, not” THE ANGELA DAVIS!”  Being personally acquainted with mental bondage and the potential chain-reactions that can result, I speak to the occurrence of how a sharp but unguarded mind can be subjected to recurrent buffeting. Resultingly, a freed captive can be at risk of succumbing repeatedly to captivity. Through the course of our dialogue, a detailed reprisal of a personal episode will be presented. For now, I will provide a brief synopsis of a tragic life event that became a foundation for mental chain creep.

I and my husband purposed to happen to life, but shockingly, life happened to us. My husband recovered our deceased 3 ½ year- old son in our son’s locked preschool’s van. Our son was visible through the driver’s side window; his arm was outstretched just beneath the manual lock. Rigor had begun. Enter the insidiousness of mental as opposed to physical enslavement. Is it actually an either/or proposition? Or is it both?

The objective of this first multi-part series is to explore the complexities and prolific aspects of both psychological (mental) and physical subjugation.  Further, we will discuss how neither malady is stand- alone but rather, interconnected or linked.  We will discuss the absoluteness of unhealthy residue that often emerge and lurk after the chains of physical/mental captivity are removed. 

Our discussion is broad and includes mental/physical repercussions that ensue in the aftermath of various forms of slavery.  The discussion begins with America’s above-ground enslavement of black persons (circa1619-1865) including the compound challenge of the unchained (freed) slave in addition to the hushed “We Too” experience which was often an open secret except to the Lady of the plantation.

To our dismay, chains and slavery have reemerged and often entails the victimization of the least of these, our children. This insidious offense operates in an underground maze. As such, oftentimes it is untraceable or undetectable for prolonged periods, or God forbid, it exists on a continuum.

Hell is being turned up to accommodate these perverted criminals who operate in sex trafficking. Naturally, this is a horrific enemy to our humanity. We pray that in spite of its intricate network, it will soon be methodically and completely decimated at the root.

Notwithstanding, mental bondage is also a very real form of slavery which often operates incognito. It has the propensity to morph into various maladies. While its origin can be linked to external or internal stimuli, it is essential that we fight to guard our minds from being trapped in captivity.  We must also acknowledge that mental or psychological slavery can exist in conjunction with other forms of slavery.

Just remember, everyone IS high value. No one arrives as a disposable good. Each person is an irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind work of art!  Issues of life bombard each of us irrespective of our station in life. While the particulars are personally unique, enslavement is non- discriminatory. Given the right unfortified environment, any of us can succumb to one or more forms of captivity. Just as death is a surety, some flavor of brewed trouble is served to each of us indiscriminately. Commitment to being vigilant in guarding ourselves and each other is paramount. We must live Freed UP!